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for the olympics in copenhagen and lost. and now he has campaigned here. playing a role, the weather. wind, rain, freezing rain and snow is on the agenda and that could bring down turnout already expected to be low because this is a special election. political analysts say that gives an advantage to scott brown. reporting on capitol hill, matt brock, abc 7 news. >>> arlington police are investigating it that the accident inside a parking garage. it happened just before 4:30 p.m. yesterday inside a parking rise in the 900 blo of north taylor street. officials say 86-year-old -- spencer was killed when a car hit a security door and continued into the garage before hitting a pillar. if you witnessed the accident, please contact arlington police. >>> a rabies scare in prince george's county where a calf and educational fund tested positive. a calf at the hard bargain farm had to be euthanize but it may have, could -- contact with some 150 people since it first went on display december 21. , some including students on an elementary school field trip. >> there were elements of the students beating cal
suv. failure at copenhagen, caused the earthquake. global warming caused the earthquake. the earth is angry. this is karma. then we have this last week from pat robertson. >> they got together and swore a pack to the devil. they said we'll serve you if you get us free from the prince. true story. the devil said okay, it's a deal. they kicked the french -- the haitian revolted an got themselves free. but ever since they have been cursed by one thing after the other. >> glenn: a deal with the devil. like i said, no shortage of stupid when it comes to. stays on haiti. what was the difference between the statements? pat robertson, media all over that. danny glover says they went against the planet and they were punished. pat robertson ridiculed by the press for days. danny glover, nothing. no outcry from the progressives, because the progressives i think believe that bull. they have replaced god with the earth. so his silly comments are okay, because the earth god is angry. they're not rushing to support glover but he's not being attacked either i'm willing to bet some progressives bou
the collective we is. goes to copenhagen and doesn't get the olympics. nobody really expected chicago to get it anyway. as you said, virginia and particularly in new jersey, corzine, i mean i think those guys went to club med together, did they not. it was always there. >> three stops. >> bill: they were. and the last time corzine had a facial tick. so this time he goes up there, everybody is going remember it because this is the big story now in america. you have haiti and then you got this. so i don't know. i thought it was pretty bold of him to put his whole credibility on the line up there. >> well, the credibility of this approach that he has been following of jamming the things through congress on a party line vote only. i'm not sure i agree it is the death of obama care. it is probably the death of the bill we have seen for the last while. is the president smart enough to come out of this and say maybe i ought to do what i said i would do in the campaign and that is work with republicans and democrats to fashion a new bill. >> bill: i can't imagine. if brown wins i think that is obama
prestige, the president campaigned in cokopp n copenhag copenhagen. and lost president obama promised to reach across the aisle and govern, and yet scott brown is able to tap into the frustration. >> call it frustration or sadness. >> one thing to keep in mind here, president obama won every county in massachusetts. the deepest blue the ones he won by the most, the brighter counties, the ones where he was weaker. everyone is looking at the weather forecast. sam champion, our very own weather dude, tells us we are expecting rain in boston. light snow and rain mix. in the southern part of the state where republicans do relatively better. there is about an inch of ow expected. it doesn't look, though, the weather will be so bad to affect the turnout. robin, sam? >> you sound like our weather dude there. george, working the contacts in washington. what are you hearing? >> democrats are braced for a pretty big defeat here. scott brown, republican, has really been surging in the last couple of days. and white house congressional democrats are hoping for a miracle but they're expecting the d
of the copenhagen meeting conference was not only a question of the integrity to agree on the goals and the different players, but also behind this the fact that it is a huge amount of resources to do something effect to and, you know, people are talking about 100 billion a year. that is a figure when you listen to what has been said and copenhagen europe 1 quintillion plus one plus one plus ten plus 15. so it's about the magnitude. and if we really want to address this problem as it has been for the future as many say to believe it is true, then we need to find more innovative ways of financing >> good evening. my name is leon, a fellow at agi and it is my pleasure to welcome you to this bradley lecture, the first of the new year and to extend a special welcome also to those of you joining us to the wonderful efforts of c-span. the next bradley lecture will take place on monday, february 8 when professor gerard alexander of the university of virginia will speak on the topic, to liberals know best, intellectual self-confidence and it claims to a monopoly of knowledge. it is for me a
instance, the president of the united states removes himself to copenhagen to bring home the chicago olympics. it removes himself to copenhagen for climate change. he removes himself to oslo to receive a prize, but he doesn't show up in berlin on the 20th anniversary of an event of biblical proportion, one that i'm sure most of us in the room would never imagine we would ever see. that shows you how he sees the world, reinforces that quotation. i mean, i could have used one of dozens. but the one i chose it from was the address of the general assembly, in which you can see his priorities. and to speak of the cold war divisions, sort of arbitrary and not to see how rooted they were in the fundamental values of the united states and the west, as cleavages of some obsolete conflict, is simply staggering. but it tells you a lot about his worldview. and i thought the berlin event was very, very telling. particularly, as you say, leaving out the great figures that reagan, thatcher, pope john paul, sharansky, sakharov, and others. gorbachev was the hapless caretaker. to his credit come he d
billion commitment to a host of humanitarian and reconstruction efforts. in copenhagen, it was japan and the prime minister that provided the most generous support for efforts in the developing world to deal with the adaptations that climate change will bring to the disadvantaged. -- and we have seen japanese support to haiti, communicated directly to the secretary when we were in hawaii. i think overall we've seen indications of this new government -- and we believe it will be critical in the coming months to make sure that our two governments are working closely together. you but clearly our issues that require more work and more consultation and from the u.s. government perspective, we're prepared to work with our japanese interlocketters. we've outlined what's our best way forward with the r.f.r. plan, and we expect those consultations with our senior japanese interlocketters will be continuing. i'll be leading a delegation to japan in about two weeks' time where we will continue those discussions going forward. i think the secretary and the prime minister wants to use next year
such as the u.n. human rights council. and most recently the copenhagen climate change conference. which demonstrated spectacularly the factualist of structures, the lack of common purpose, common interest and governance. the internationalist institutions and paper agreements seems to leave no lasting impression. did we really learn nothing from the early 20th century experience with its repeated and doomed attempts to regulate the capital ships of the great powers through naval conferences? did we really learn nothing from the kellogg pact who's signatories incidentally included germany and japan? that abolished war forever. an absurdity that won the u.s. secretary of state frank kellogg the nobel peace prize of 1929. sound familiar? but at least kellogg got it for an actually signed useless treaty. [laughter] >> obama got it for the merely imagined useless treaties. most notably the one he has been insisting on from prague to new york on universal nuclear disarmament. the depth of obama's naive internationalism can be seen in his pursuit of this deeply unserious goal. the most dramatic
and he's in copenhagen where he lives. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> thank you very much. let's go back to april 2009. you and your wife were traveling. she was booked on a window seat and you were on a middle seat and british airways was about to seat a minor child next to you. they thought wait a minute, the kid is not related to you. what did they say? >> it went a little different. i had been located on the window seat and my wife the middle seat but she was quite heavily pregnant and she wanted to take some rest and therefore wanted to sit at the window. >> right. tell us what the flight attendant said. >> well, the flight attendant, apparently it seems to be policy of british airways that i found out and also airlines that no male is allowed to -- is allowed to sit next to a child so he approached me and asked me to swap seats with my wife. at that point, i asked him why and he explained to me that it is company policy and i began to ask why and he said it seemed inappropriate and only then i realized what all this thing was about. also, he mentioned tha
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)